The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller

Are you an aspiring athlete looking to add those last couple inches to your vertical leap? Maybe you are still in school and trying to impress the coaches, the ladies, or both. Maybe you can almost dunk, but just can’t seem to get those last few inches needed to make it happen. If your workouts aren’t giving you the results you want, then you need to check out the new program by Jacob Hiller: The Jump Manual.

A strong vertical leap says something about you in ways that other feats of athleticism don’t. A strong slam dunk is a sure fire way to get noticed fast. However, the reason many people can’t achieve it, even though they may excel in many other areas, is that they just aren’t taking advantage of their natural physiology and the way they are built. In fact, most people that just “wing it” end up losing inches!

The thing to realize is that it’s not just a matter of building muscle, but rather building the right muscles in the right way. This holds true for almost any type of specialized athlete, from runners to javelin throwers, but is especially true for vertical jumping. Think about it: how high do you think a big, bulky weightlifter can jump? Not very far, right?

That’s obviously because maximum muscle does not equal maximum explosiveness. Strength is just one of many factors that all add up to the distance between your feet and the ground. These include (but are not limited to) diet, flexibility, form, balance, and body type. And finally there is a program that addresses all these things and more, designed specifically to maximize your vertical leap.

So if you’re still struggling to barely touch the rim or net, and you’re sick of sitting on the bench and playing second fiddle to other athletes that seem to have it figured out, then you need to get your hands on The Jump Manual today and start achieving everything you were meant to achieve!

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