The Fool Proof Way to Increase Your Metabolic Rate in Your Abdominal Exercise to Reduce Belly Fat!

As you exercise to reduce belly fat, one of the key factors in losing belly fats effectively is by increasing your metabolic rate in your abs training. The foolproof way to increase your metabolic rate is by increasing your muscle through exercise as muscle uses more calories than other tissues, even when you are doing nothing.

Now, you may naturally think that the increase of metabolic rate is due to weight loss from exercise. Contrary to such common believes, metabolic rate is actually not set by weight loss but rather, muscle gain during your training. In fact, as you lose more weight, it will become harder to increase the metabolic rate as research has confirmed that when your body losses weight, a stronger defense system will be exerted and make your body to go against an increase of metabolic rate in order to prevent your body from losing more weight.

To increase your muscle effectively, it is important to take on more regular exercise and right diet. Research has shown that high intensity interval exercise (varying between high and low intensity intervals on any type of cardio equipments) exercise rises heart rate, metabolic rate and burns more calories. Include strength training in your exercise to reduce belly fat too, as strength training is critical in increasing your muscle. Then, end your training with 5 to 10 minutes of intense abs exercises. One of the key reasons why so many people engage in the gym still fail to reduce belly fat is because they spend too much time doing crunches when the time could be better utilized in a full body intense workout. As you engage in such intensity of exercise to reduce belly fat, your body is forced to work harder on larger muscle group and thereby burn more calories!

Remember, work smart, and not only work hard. By incorporating consistent intense exercise, abs training and weight training in your exercise to reduce belly fat, you should see your efforts pay off significantly in the long run. There is simply no shortcut to it.

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