Maintaining Lost Weight

Lost weight before but can’t keep it off?

If you’ve lost weight before you  know how exciting it is at the end of your goal. Exercising and watching the scale every week, the excitement of seeing yourself lose those unsightly pounds, that in itself gives you the motivation to carry on. In the end however after it’s all said and done and you’ve lost the weight, the constant advertising of yummy junk foods containing no proteins to snack on  has you dramatically spiking caloric intake and putting you right back where you started in probably less than 30 days.

According to research done by the Penn state college of medicine, only one out of six people are able to maintain their lost weight more than a year. Because so many people fall into this situation, you can find tons of health information on new fitness diets, exercise programs etc.
The best thing to do is.

  1. Set an attainable goal
  2. Follow a good system
  3. Make sure your diet is safe

Setting an attainable goal
Weight loss goals can keep you motivated as long as you’re on a healthy diet. Eating healthy is an important function when burning calories. You definitely want to track your progress. Figure out exactly what you would like to lose. Imagine how you would feel after losing weight over and over again.This is important because seeing yourself as overweight, and not in the best physical condition as you are now would only produce more personal dissatisfaction, which in turn makes you feel worthless and will undermine the most successful path that you’re trying to follow.

The best thing you can do is follow a good system
A successful system will help you increase your metabolic rate without having to take pills. It may simply mean eating the a bowl of mixed vegetables (no butter) and food high in protein as an alternative, but it’s often not that simple. What you’re looking for is a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that enables you to maintain your weight. It’s also important to take into consideration that things such as stress, mood and lifestyle changes can cause the pounds to reappear.

Make sure your diet is safe
If you decide you want to use a diet with low in calories to achieve successful weight loss maintenance there may be a danger. It might seem logical it first but long-term results and proper nutrition is important as the foundation for maintenance of your lost weight. Some diets promote fat loss by ensuring that you burn more calories than you take in by the use of pills or drinks to speed-up your metabolism without doing any exercise.
This is definitely not good, especially if you have a preexisting condition like diabetes. Exercising is important and as a survival method your body needs to eat when it’s hungry. Healthy eating & diet with the supplement of exercise will naturally help you lose fat.

By setting a goal and following a good system, that also considers things such as stress, mood and lifestyle changes, you can experience healthier, safer weight loss success without having to spend a fortune on the latest diet fads. All you really need is a sensible system and good support.

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